Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orange Playdoh

Today wasn't our best day...we've had a few rocky days in a row in fact. My theory is that we've been too busy! We just haven't stayed home and done nothing (at least not too often, this summer). As a result I feel like the kiddos have forgotten how to share, play with their own toys, not hit, not spit and not scream (JB is in a new phase, yes my perfectly gentle little man has taken to hitting, spitting and screaming...all in one week!!)

We had plans to go to a friends house, with some other moms, and swim and play and eat. Sounds great, right? Well after about 10 time outs, 3 spankins', a stint in the crib until the belly-aching stopped, and overall general crabiness...I revoked the trip to a friend's house. I haven't done that in a LONG time, but I just couldn't justify how they were behaving with fun all afternoon with friends. Although I knew if we went they would behave fine there and I would have a great time, it seemed like the right thing to do. Ugh...I hate when the right thing is the yucky thing!!!

So I stuck to my guns and we stayed in. There have been speeches on and off all day about appropriate ways to show anger, how to sit properly in time-out, the theory of first time obedience and general "why can't you just behave" comments!

I ended up making some fresh orange playdoh, we had to do something and I just lost all my existing playdoh for a display at church (yes, check out the flowers in the basket on the WM table ladies...purple and green playdoh). This seemed to be the turn around they needed, we played all together on the kitchen floor and made cookies, pies, snakes, balls and smiley faces. Everyone played nicely and went from there to the happy, mostly obedient children I know and love.

I was so impressed with the turn around we tried a run to the grocery store...success!!! No major meltdowns, nobody ran away, and nobody snuck anything in the cart I didn't have on the list (wait, that usually happens when Prince Charming joins us!!!).

Now they are waking up from nice long naps, seem to have happy hearts and are ready to conquer the rest of their day. I think we'll try going outside and see how they do. Maybe the hard thing, the boring thing, the yucky thing really did work :)

If all continues to go well, tonight for dessert we'll have ice cream--with sprinkles!!!

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  1. Good for you! I hate when punishing them equals punishing US as well, it just isn't fair, lol. Glad that you stuck to your guns & their attitudes changed. No just keep that up for another decade or two & you're good to go. :P