Friday, July 29, 2011

Design on a Dime

I've been inspired! My sister just gave us a couch and recliner that she know longer liked/found comfortable.'s in pretty great condition and it's very comfy! The only problem is it's tan. What is wrong with tan you ask--well, nothing! In fact we like tan so much our carpet is tan, our walls are tan, and much of our "extra" pieces are light wood (aka tan). See the problem?

So I've decided to begin the process of redecorating my living/dining/play room area. I'm really considering a big change, from my country roots to a more pottery barnish motif. I'm so NOT a designer and I really might literally have ten cents to do this with. So, first I want to start with color. I'm thinking of something bold on one statement wall. I think it should be the wall my TV is on, Prince Charming agrees. My color thoughts are either dark blue but not quite navy, or dark red/burgandy. But then what color do I do the rest of the walls? Leave them tan or brighten them up a bit with more of a white tone?

The next problem is my kitchen--it's green. My place is so small and so connected that I'm wondering if I'll need to repaint the kitchen. Maybe it would look nice if the kitchen were a color from the same family as the statement wall like light blue or salmon/pink (okay, I don't want a salmon/pink kitchen, that's definitely out!!)

If we had the money we'd get the floors redone too...the carpet is nasty. Hardwood would be awesome but until I get my Publishers Clearing House Check, that's a no go!

So back to the living/dining/play room. After I settle on color and actually get it painted (that should take Prince Charming about 6 1/2 years) I have big dreams for what I want to put on the walls. A picture collage, the letter M, some of the kids artwork framed, etc. I also want to find some good containers to put on my shelf unit to hide all the crap...any suggestions of where I can find cheap cool containers...maybe wicker or fabric or a combo of the two.

Listen, I really just need one of you to come over and do this for me so it looks cool. Any takers? We always have ice cream and sprinkles ready?!?!?!


  1. Oh Janet, sounds like fun!! I am sure it will be beautiful when you are finished!!
    Happy decorating :)

  2. Janet, I just got some wicker/woven baskets at JoAnn fabrics 50% off for $3.99 each for our entryway. I want to live in the Pottery Barn catalogue! I've been saving pages from them with ideas for the kids' room. We once had a wall in our bedroom painted red-I definitely suggest you use tinted primer first if you're going to go dark. Lesson learned for us :)

  3. Pick me! Pick me!! I'll come:D I love decorating!! My walls in the front of my house are burgundy with ivory trim and the back of my house is a dark sage green. I love the warm deep colors!! SO cozy and inviting... Go for it Janet!! Step outside that box with me!!