Friday, July 22, 2011

Add this to the list!

Do you have a list? I actually have a lot of them, we often joke about our list inspired by a favorite episode of Friends ;) But that's not the list I'm adding to today.

Today's list is: The "Shoot me if I ever behave that way" Parenting List
Here are my current, before this morning, top 3, in random order:
1. Parents that talk on the phone while thier kid is beating someone up on the playground. (A friend and I often joke, when will we be at the point we don't have to watch our kids at the playground and can talk on phone, email, do make-up, read a book, etc? Hasn't happened yet!)
2. Parents that count to 2,543 in the grocery store while little Billy dismantles a display. (I'm being kind here, usually Billy is doing something way beyond dismantling a display)
3. Parents that do their kids homework for them and then pass it off as "yes, my first grader CAN write a 2 page synopsis of Frog and Toad are Friends all by themselves even though you just asked them to draw their favorite scene" (oops...that one crept in from my teaching years, sorry)

Today I took Miss M and JB for a haircut. This sweltering heat pushed me over the top, they both had pretty good mops going. I just hate spending that much money on their hair...gotta get a tutorial from a friend on cutting it myself! When we arrived there was a young boy, I learned later he was four, getting his hair cut. He was acting like a crazy lunatic, now I recognize this behavior because at any given moment my children can behave the same way! Here is the difference: I am mortified when my kids act like that, as a result I do all sorts of things to stop the behavior, last resort sometimes being pack 'em up and take 'em home! Not the momma I observed today, she sat in her little plastic folding chair and read the latest news in People magazine. Never even looked up! The kid was literally hysterical, the hairdresser was completely flustered and I really thought at one point he was going to lose a finger to the scissors because he wouldn't keep his hands out of his hair! Apparently the situation between Jennifer Lopez and her now ex-husband Marc Anthony is soooooo riveting you can't take care of your child!

I really was floored, my kids, particularly my princess, can be difficult. There are times I would love to ignore her and act like I have no idea whose child she is. But that's not how it works, she is mine, I love her and I have to deal with icky situations some times! (remember back to our last day of Kidz Kamp!?!?!?) I hope they gave that hairdresser a BIG tip!

And by the way, the new haircuts look great! God gave me two cuties for sure :)

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