Thursday, July 14, 2011

11 ways you know it's Thursday of Kidz Kamp

It's Thursday, we've all made it through four glorious days. Tomorrow is the big dance, the finale, the curtain call...more specifically, the hot dog picnic with waterslide. I noticed a few things today that really screamed "we've only got one more day left".

Here goes:
1. I'm exhausted
2. My kids are exhausted
3. The preschoolers and the Kindergarteners are the only ones still full of energy.
4. The snack today was "trail mix" as opposed to some elaborate theme related concoction like blue jello with gummy fish.
5. The craft today was a frisbee...yup, a white frisbee, colored with markers. Or maybe it's a plate, no, I think it's a frisbee. No three step photo project, no gluing, ironing or general mess making.
6. The opening program lasted what seems to be about 3 minutes...I know this because the first group was at my station 15 minutes early...that is a lot of time to fill :) Thankfully one of my teammates is a techy and has all sorts of songs/videos/stuff on her computer to fill time!
7. The teaching team decided to do the same exact thing 6 times, instead of mixing it up for every grade (we tried to still keep it age appropriate but the skit was the same all 6 times)
8. I saw some of the decorations falling off the wall...whether on their own or with help...even the decorations are tired!
9. The mad rush is on to teach the kids the words to the songs so that they look like they learned something when the parents come tomorrow!
10. Numbers are going down! The kids are getting tired and mommy's aren't going to force them to come. Secretly, I think the preschool leaders are thrilled to be down to 52 compared to 77!!!
11. Did I mention, I'm exhausted???

None of these are criticisms, they are simply the way it goes after a week of careful planning, lots of prayer and high energy. We start to slow's natural. Tomorrow will be a great day of celebrating a fun week! I'm sure the kids will come back tomorrow full of energy, ready to sing, craft, learn, dance and whiz down that waterslide! Hopefully the spiritual impact of the week will last longer than the buzz of such great fun!!


  1. Oh believe me, we are happy to have the easy snacks planned for today & tomorrow, lol. But today's wasn't on purpose, it was from the curriculum. Tt was nice to have an easy one, though. (and popsicles tomorrow, lol)
    I needed three full cups of coffee this morning. Don't know how we'll get through tomorrow. And my daughter & Heather's daughter (both on skit team) are going to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight. So they'll be DEE-lightful tomorrow morning!!
    It will all be worth it! Should we go down the water slide together???

  2. Too funny!! My goal in preschool is to have 40 kids by Friday - if we went two weeks I bet it would be me and Morgan ( with a side of Sierra)
    Actually thought todays lesson was one of the best!! Can we just stay in your room all day??
    Thanks for all you are doing, I know it's not easy but you are a blessin (especially to my daughter)

  3. The craft tommorow is a photo craft. :)

  4. Erin, I'm so proud of you...I would be throwing in the towel if I were you :) Morgan had a blast creating with you guys this week. Thanks for all the hard work!!