Monday, July 11, 2011

And next on the agenda...

First day of Kidz Kamp is over and it was great! Talk about hot, man I am glad I am in an air conditioned room all day, it was brutal out. I have to teach three lessons in a row and I found that quite exhausting. Can't imagine how I did the whole day just four short years ago :)

In addition to today being the first day of Kidz Kamp it is also the first day of another adventure I am embarking on! Months ago my friend Tiff told me about a website called, I have mentioned it before as a great tool for doing personal devotions. They started a new challenge today and I have signed on. I am going to try and read the Bible in 90 days...start today and finish in October. I've tried to start it up twice and get lost about two weeks in.

This time I signed up on the website and it is really cool. I have a mentor who I can email with and you have to check-in every Monday to let them know your progress. I need this accountability and I am hopeful that I can accomplish this task.

Why read the Bible in 90 days? For me, I think I'm looking forward to the continuity of reading it all at once, rather than just reading here and there, or over a year. I like to look at God's word as the story of Jesus and his sacrifical love for us. The Old Testament may not be specifically about him but the history that is spoken of can still point to my Savior and encourage me in my walk with Him.

So, after a long morning of VBS I now must sit down and read. I'm looking forward to getting started, and seeing what God is going to teach me through this challenge. Anyone want to join me???


  1. oh sister. I started reading the bible cover to cover 4 years ago. I'm almost done, but I could never get it done in 90 days. good luck and have fun. Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. Yay for Kamp. Kamp with a K. *head hurts* Today went great in the kitchen, so I'm glad it went well for you too. Now go read your bible & get to bed! ;)

  3. oh, and I'm with Kate, lol, I did it in 3½ years.

  4. I need something like this to get me back on board... missing VBS and feeling sorry for myself, I am going to check this out and join you. PS The kids all said you did an awesome job on Monday, you are not rusty at all!!!