Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Fun?????

You know what I did for fun today? I cleaned some mini blinds in my bathtub...not impressed??

It all started yesterday. I took the kids to Tanner's and the grocery store and came home ready to blog. You see, while we were driving to Tanner's Miss M informed me that she was Tiger Lily and JB was actually Captain Hook (we're a bit obsessed with Peter Pan this week). From that point on I was corrected any time I used their birth names. At the grocery store I put them in the cart with the car in the front for them to sit it. I HATE those carts, but I only needed about 5 things and I knew they would be completely thrilled to sit in the car. They carried on their Peter Pan theme with JB shouting ARG! to everyone passing by, he also stuck his fist out with one finger curling around like a hook. I thought it was hysterical, most of the people he "addressed" had no idea what was going on. Miss M, I mean Tiger Lily, kept asking where they kept the pixie dust.

So, I came home, got the kids fed and down for naps, and was ready to blog. Then I got the bright idea that it was beautifully cool and sunny and I should open the windows in my bedroom. The rest of the house was already opened up, our bedroom is a bit of a mess and opening the windows meant quite a lot of effort. We rarely open these windows, so after much strain, first one went up, blinds up, sun shining in!! Was I happy? No, I had to open both windows. Proceed to next window, pull up the blinds...CRASH, BANG, dust flying, I am now holding the entire aparatus of mini blinds...the whole thing landed on me. The noise it made and the noise I made were nothing compared to the filth that was on these blinds! I have NEVER cleaned them...I'm gross, I know. I wipe down the ones in the rooms people see, but c'mon, who cleans their bedroom blinds??? Well I do now! The amount of dust and muck was apalling so I put them in the bathtub and scrubbed them until they were white again (I actually had assumed they were almond colored...nope, white). Today I woke up and did the other windows worth and attempted the kitchen. I couldn't get those down, I'll try again tonight when Prince Charming is home. I now intend to clean them all, in the tub with dish soap. It's time consuming, a bit messy, and slightly dangerous...but it's making me happy and motivating me to clean other things I never touch.

So have fun doing all sorts of holiday things this weekend, as for me and my house, we're cleaning mini-blinds! :)

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  1. How'd they come out? clean or just sticky and just as dirty?
    sounds like fun. really. I'm so jealous.