Friday, July 15, 2011

My peanut :)

God gave me a beautiful baby girl four years ago and a day after she was born the nurses said, "She's wild and fiery". Of course I was offended at the I'm wondering what they saw in her those first 24 hours of life that I couldn't see.

I week of Kidz Kamp is over, it was great. But we left with Miss M screaming "no, I don't want to go home" and sticking her tongue out at various adults that tried to console her. This after a week of hearing stories about her behavior, stories I need to hear, but that start to weigh heavily on my heart!

My precious girl, you will grow up to be such a strong woman. I pray that you learn to love Jesus early and fiercely so you can use your energy to be HIS warrior!!


  1. you are doing all the right things - prayer, consistency, prayer!!

  2. Well in her defense, I wasn't actually trying to console her. I was telling her that she was being salty & ungrateful, lol. I'd have stuck my tongue out at someone who said that to me too. ;)
    And I have NO doubt that God will use M in amazing ways!

  3. Well, the apples don't fall far from the tree... seriously, she is a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality, it will be fun to see who she grows up to be. Most parents have had incidents like this, the only way to avoid it is to give in to your child's every wish, every time... (not recommended!).