Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit Devotions

I like having devotions with my kids. I go in waves, sometimes I'm real consistent and see good evidence that at least Miss M is hearing me! Other times, I can go weeks without doing anything "special" other than pray and read a Bible Story. I've been working on a way to do the Fruit of the Spirit with them, we finally started this week. I was armed with a devotional book about character traits, my own Fruit of the Spirit NIV Study Bible, an idea from my friend Kelly and an old VBS CD called SonCountry Fair.

We started Monday with love. We brainstormed people we love and things we love. Miss M got real into this, JB offered only a few things (baby Trey and Nanook to be exact). Then we went over a simple Bible verse. Finally, we prayed that we would be more loving. As the day went on we talked more about what it means to be loving, and I set up a little jar with marbles. Everytime I see either one show love I drop a marble in the jar. When it gets all filled up we'll go do something we love, swim at Grandmom's pool!!

I made a fruit for each Fruit of the Spirit. This is the part I stole from Kelly. I next need to make a tree of some sort so we can display what we're learning as a visual reminder!

This is the book, Get Wisdom, that I am using for some of my ideas and definitions. Steve and Dana bought this a while back and showed it to me. I love it, it's a little old for my kids but I'm picking and choosing what I like for now. When they are at a more appropriate age I'll probably go through it thoroughly with each of them. Lot's of great character traits in here, way beyond just the Fruit of the Spirit!

While I'm taking pictures, I thought I'd show you my four other favorite devotionals I use with the kids. Here's a brief note about each of them:

1. Family Faith Walks-broken down into the 12 months of the year, each month having about four lessons. Each lesson has activities, discussion starters and scripture that apply to the seasonal or spiritual topic. Very hands-on, very fun!! Thanks Mary!

2. Jesus Storybook Bible-my favorite Bible storybook! Highlights Old and New Testament stories, great illustrations! The stories are told so fantastically, all pointing to our rescuer, Jesus! Thanks Kelly!

3. A Faith to Grow On-breaks down major doctrines of the Bible for kids. Each devotional gives information, scripture and a prayer. Cool pictures too! There is a phrase you can memorize for each devotional that you can prompt with a if you ask Miss M, "what is God?" she will answer, "God is a spirit". Used this at Plumstead Christian and now with the kiddos!

4. God and Me-a short devotional for each day. Some are topical, some are scripture based. Filled with photos of children doing what children do :) Not overly "deep" but great for a quick thought during breakfast!

I've written enough! Hope maybe someone will see this and check one of these resources out. When thinking about family devotions the most important thing I've learned for my family is to set realistic goals and have age appropriate activities. My kids usually love these times, unlike my own growing up years, when I rolled my eyes if my Mom got out the old Bible Encyclopedia things they probably spent a mint on!!!

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  1. These are great ideas! Thank you for sharing! I'm looking forward to the day when Seth is old enough for us to do things like this together.