Monday, July 25, 2011

"cool" color fun :)

It's been smokin' hot here this last week. When I say hot, in case one of the two of you reading this isn't from Bucks County, I mean HOT...100 degrees and hotter! Now, I love me some heat, summer is not my enemy. I would make a great Floridian, but it does require one to think creatively to keep the kiddos busy, cool, and happy! I tried this a few weeks back, tweaked it a bit, and went for it again this weekend!

First I put water in an ice cube tray, added about 6-8 drops of food color (I wanted clear, vibrant colors this time!), covered it with saran wrap then stuck a toothpick into each one. They've been sitting in the freezer for weeks now, Prince Charming kept asking what they were for, I think he was glad it wasn't for dinner!!!
Sunday afternoon, after nap, I was feeling especially energetic and Prince Charming was hoping for another hour or so of sleep so out we the heat...

I found an old roll of paper when I was cleaning out closets this week. It was perfect, had a kind of shiny side and was just thick enough to withstand big drops of water (otherwise known as puddles). The toothpicks really helped them not get sooooo much on their fingers, still looked like a rainbow exploded on their hands, but they didn't mind!

Their creations were nothing "spectacular" except that they were colorful and bright. When the water dries the color lessens a bit, that's why I used so much food coloring. Their papers dried nicely so I think I'll keep them for wrapping paper...colorful, homemade and free :) Three of my favorite things!

In case you're worried about the colored hands...when they washed their hands after we finished they were still pretty colorful, but after baths last night, the color was completely gone. No harm, no, free fun! Give it a try :)

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  1. How cool and funny because I just saw someone post this idea on fb and was going to try it! :)