Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bon bons and soap operas

I haven't been posting...if you're a mom of young kids you know why...I'm waaaayyy to busy sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and watching soap operas to blog!!!


We are enjoying fall at our house, especially because it looks like fall but has felt like summer! Love that, thanks God! Morgan has been anxiously awaiting the leaves to turn colors. Just today we pulled in our street and the trees lining it have suddenly turned yellow. Her words..."it's beautiful mommy, fall is my favorite". I love that she has a favorite season and it is based on how pretty she thinks it is!!

We've been apple picking twice, bought baby pumpkins and gourds, spent a day on a farm out in Lancaster, and have tackled a few fall "projects". I think some hiking through the park when the leaves really get going will be on the agenda.

A few other things on my fall bucket list:
1. Strasburg Railroad--we thought we would get to this on Saturday but our day at the farm tuckered us out, the kids were asleep before we left the "parking lot". I love days like that!!
2. Carve pumpkins--we always wait until the week before Halloween for this. We did carve a fake pumpkin though. I cut the top off, filled it with yarn and tiny pieces of straw cut up (to look like pulp and seeds). Then I poked holes in it and the kids put their Mr. Potato head pieces in. My sister-in-law actually gave us a little kit last year with Halloween things to stick into pumpkins. The kids play with this a lot, I can put it away after Halloween and use it again next year!! woo-hoo
3. Jump in the leaves--well, we're already jumping in leaves, but there isn't enough for a pile yet. That's when it gets really fun!!
4. Drink apple cider--just haven't gotten any yet.
5. Roast marshmellows--now this really needs to happen at my friend Mary's house, since she has a firepit. And since I haven't seen her or heard from her since she watched my kids a month ago, I'm not sure this is going to happen. Mary--if you're out there--we're comin' over!!!!
6. Trick-or-Treating--Miss M wants to be a ballerina and JB wants to be Captain Hook! Fun!
7. Scarecrows at Peddler's Village--this is a Bucks County tradition. The kids get a kick out of seeing all the different scare crows and I get my Peddler's Village fix! It's a win win for everyone but Prince Charming, he would prefer to live his life never returning to Peddler's Village for any reason :)

Happy Fall friends!!!