Saturday, October 29, 2011

High Fives!

We have had quite a week at our house. If you've ever had young children living in your house, than you know the week we had. The unexplainable, horrific, defcon 6 (thanks Shay) behavior. We can go weeks and I only have to discipline the kids harshly once or twice. I was setting records in just 3-4 hour blocks. I am only consoled by the fact that at least three of my other mommy friends said they had the same kind of week. I swear they mobilize against us while they are in Sunday School!

My friend Kate had this week a little while back and came up with a fabulous little behavior system to try and right the wrongs. Then last Saturday I had the privilege of sitting in on an "in-service" about how to deal with children with behavioral difficulties in Sunday School(I think they need to plan the next in-service to be how to foil the plans of the devious children who ban together to infuriate their parents).

Between the two above inspirations I was able to come up with a new system to try for my crew. We're calling it High Fives. I traced 10 hands on poster board and cut them out. I have one hanging on the fridge. When I "catch" either child following our four "big" rules (to be mentioned later in post) I put a star on one of the fingers. When all five fingers are starred, it's a high five! They can trade that high five in for various prizes, if they hold on to the high fives they can redeem them for bigger prizes! Miss M is very excited, JB has no clue...guess which one it's really for???

I know, I behavioristic! I'm not a huge propronent of this philosophy but something had to give. We'll do this for a week or two until things settle down, then we'll take a break and see what happens. I generally find this stuff works for a little while, usually just long enough for mommy not to lose her mind, and really, isn't that what it's partially about!!

My rules are as follows:
1. Obey the first time
2. Eat all that you've been given (I give tiny portions of each thing so they have to try, then can have seconds of what they like when they've tried everything)
3. Love and respect your brother or sister
Number four is specific to each child:
Miss M-Get your hair combed without kicking and screaming
JB-Use words instead of screaming

I'll let you know how it goes. So far they've received one high five today and they are opting to save it. If they get three than they get a trip to my Mom's indoor pool to go swimming.

Signing off...I think I'll go down some sprinkles!

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  1. awesome, great plan. Saw the high five hand at church today, liked it. AND I totally witnessed the cherubs huddled in sunday school talking about their mischeivious plans to take us down this week, so WATCH OUT!