Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I was observing a Student Teacher in a Kindergarten classroom. I haven't seen many Kindergarten classrooms in this little job of mine, certainly none this year. So since I have K on the brain (Miss M will be attending next year), I was particularly curious to go to work today!

As I sat there doing my job, which is to observe and comment on every word, movement, activity, etc. that the Student Teacher does, I was also observing as mommy! The first poriton of the class was a no brainer, Miss M will participate, love it, and thrive. The Math lesson itself was short and sweet, I'm pretty sure Miss M will handle that okay, she might not raise her hand and she might tell the teacher a story or two, but she'll get whats going on for sure!

Then they went to tables and drew a picture of their house, cut out their address from a card they were given and then glued the address on the picture. Simple right...I just about had an anxiety attack...Miss M can't draw our house!! And if I asked her to do that today, she'd cry and say "I don't know how to draw a house".

I have two options here:
1. Begin art lessons 5 minutes ago, start with basic architectural drawings then slowly ease her into 3-D type models that show all the details she has memorized and categorized.
2. Relax and remember that she isn't in K yet so she doesn't have to draw a house yet. Remember that K is for learning the simple foundation it will take to build all her future skills on. Enjoy that I still have her home with me every day and be thankful that she is smart and will do fine when she gets to school NEXT YEAR.

Sometimes having been a teacher first makes me my own worst enemy!

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