Friday, October 28, 2011


I have deemed today pumpking day! We will probably have pumpkin weekend, maybe not ending until Tuesday...I love everything about pumpkins :)

Here's how we are pumpkining around:
1. Orange pancakes for breakfast with chocolate chip jack-o-lantern faces. I plan to try actual pumpkin pancakes on Halloween morning...ooh, maybe we'll have them for Halloween dinner instead :)
2. Rice Krispie treat pumpkins! We had some friends over this morning and we made this yummy treat. Next time I try this I will 1) use more food coloring so they actually look orange 2) find the tootsie rolls in the grocery store so we can make stems 3) get all the rice krispie goo out of the pan onto a cutting board and then make the pumpkins, we lost a lot of goo to the sides of the pan, it hardned faster than we could all ball them up (give us a little break here, two adults and five children under the age of 5)
3. Pizza for lunch, used pepperoni to make jack-o-lantern faces
4. Painting a jar orange and making a face using masking tape for eyes, nose and mouth. Then take the tape off when the paint dries and you have a face :) Miss M made one yesterday at school and JB wants I will pull out the paint and masking tape for my little guy!

We have plans to:
1. Go buy the official carving pumpkin and have at it! We will roast the seeds, make a jack-o-lantern and light him for Halloween.
2. Watch The Great Pumpkin...I hope I remembered to DVR that last night?!!?!
3. Go to a Halloween party on Sunday night with our small group and have lots more pumpkin fun and food :)

I love fall...really I do...winter I could do with out!!

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