Thursday, October 27, 2011

things heard in my house/car this week...

Miss M has recently said:
"Daddy is 44 so he can carry a big pumpkin" (I told her we were going to get a big pumpkin this weekend to carve)
"I'll be honest with you Sierra, Everest needs a Halloween costume too" (this conversation happened on the way to Cubbies, I wish I had taped the whole thing!! Along with this precious comment was Sierra's completely speechless reaction to Miss M's news that she wasn't going to be a if there is anything else to dress up as...)
"I thought you said I was fearfully and wonderfully made" (this was her Cubbies verse this week, she said this to me when I told her that her head must be very sensitive for all the screaming she does when I comb her hair)

JB has recently said:
"I wanna see Megan on the puter" (we just skyped with our friend in the Dominican Republic)
"Mommy get my goldfish right now" (he didn't get what he wanted, but I had to hide my smile at his insistance...he said it in kind of a demanding growl)
"I not destructor, I J..." (he ripped a book cover off a book, so I called him destructor)

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