Monday, October 17, 2011

Kim Kardashian

I knew the second JB came out of my tummy he was going to be my favorite...

Took the kiddos over to the mall this morning to play at Barnes and Noble. As we took our little "hike" through the mall (where we actually collected fall leaves?!?!?) we saw a huge TV screen. JB looks up, points and says "look, it's mommy" with a big happy squeal! I look to see who he is talking about (figuring it's Julia Roberts since that's my celebrity look alike **wink, wink Deb**) and lo and's Kim Kardashian...from his lips to God's ears Scott might say :)

And, if you know anything about JB's birth story you know I wasn't thinking he was going to be my fav when he came out! I wasn't thinking at all, I was to busy dying from a mistake with the spinal...well, that's a bit dramatic! But, in case Miss M and JB read this when they are older I have two favorite children, a girl and a boy :) I'm one lucky mommy!!!


  1. LOL! Awesome. Love that kid!
    I will now and forever call you Kim.

  2. Don't feel like doing laundry or cleaning So I am wasting time on the comp and came across your blog posting... and this made me laugh out loud!! You have great kids and you are a great mom... keep up the good work!