Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fun?!?!?!'s been a little while. I have gotten myself a little busier this fall than I probably should have. Today, is a down day, well until about 3 o'clock when the "weekend" begins and we will run, run, run for 2 1/2 days. Ugh!

So, since today is a down day, I think we are going to have some fun at home. I need to run a few errands first thing, but then we're going to work on some fall activites.

On the list (with no promise of completing):
1. Make a giant tree to begin adding leaves of thanksgiving. It's never the wrong time to teach your kiddos to be thankful, we're going to get a head start this year and enjoy a leaf filled tree for a couple of months!
2. Paint apple prints. I got some nasty apples the other day, called Jonagold. I don't recommend this variety, although the kids don't seem to mind them. Anyway, I have a few giant ones in the fridge that will be perfect to dip into paint and then use like a stamp. I might add in a potato, celery and whatever other produce looks good for painting.
3. Take a walk outside, if the weather holds up, and find fall evidence! The days of spending time outside are numbered, I want to enjoy each fall day we can.

If, and by if I mean when, we don't finish all of these ideas today, they will be for Marvelous Monday. I have book-ended my week so all the business is T-Th...well, except for the week I have MOPS, than it busy T-F. Oh well, Miss M will go off to school next year and be busy five days a week for the rest of her life! This is good practice :)

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  1. Hello! Nice blog you have here! I saw Shay's this morning, and yours too. I love the idea of your thankfulness tree. I might have to steal the idea! :)