Friday, September 16, 2011

Change is in the air...

I've been taking a close look at my two kiddos and have been noticing something astonishing...they are growing up!! Now this isn't really news to me, but all of the sudden they both seem older. It's so bittersweet, you want them to stay little forever so you can protect them and snuggle them and pay $6 for thier pants. But at the same time, it's so fun to watch them learn, grow and develop into the people that God made them to be.

Some observations:
Miss M
1. She is letting me do her hair. She still screams like I'm killing her for the combing part, but she's actually letting me braid and style it. I love it...we've had a MINI french braid every day this week :)
2. She writes her name by herself!!! We've been working on this for over a year and she just had no interest. I print it on everything and have had her trace it, color it, make the letters in shaving cream...she just didn't care. The other day she came home from Sunday School with her name on her paper, clearly not in Miss Kim's handwriting, and announced she did it herself. She's been doing it ever since!! A little peer pressure can be a beautiful thing! I'm so proud of her!!!
3. She does things on her own that we've been doing as part of our routine. Like putting her shoes in the shoe basket as soon as we get in, no reminder needed. She often puts her dishes in the sink without reminder too, and when I ask her to help me with something she jumps to respond! I see vacuuming, laundry and toilet cleaning in her future :)
4. She has eaten her dinner every night this week without complaint. She is either growing up or I need to make ham and cheesy potatoes, spaghetti, swedish meatballs and breakfast for dinner on a four night rotation for the rest of her life. It's glorious not to fight through the entire meal!!
5. She's bored doing many of the things we've been doing forever, even going to the playground. If there isn't a friend there her age, she is at a loss, she doesn't want to just run, run, run or slide, slide, slide. She wants to play elaboratly imaginative things that JB really could not give a hoot about!!
6. Our conversations are just getting richer and richer. I love baby girl is becoming a little lady :)
JB (don't get your hopes up too high...he's only 2 1/2)
1. He prefers to call us Janet and Scott (cute or not cute?? we think cute and then sweetly correct him)
2. He wants to do everything "by my big self"...ADORABLE!!
3. He is really talking a ton. I was sooo worried about his speech, and his articulation is still iffy, but he's stringing together sentences and thoughts. It's so great to hear what he's thinking. Although he's not above just shrieking if something doesn't suit him. (we're working on it!!!)
4. He wants to help me with everything "I hop you mommy". His services are limited but the heart behind it is worth a mess or a longer process almost every time :)
5. He is really learning to play by himself. It is adorable to watch him play with his trains and make them talk and vroom and whatnot. He and Miss M are actually pretty good playmates. They can last about 20-30 minutes before a crisis. Works out great, I can accomplish something, then when they melt down I can jump in and "save the day".

I treasure these times, I know all to soon I'll wish I could turn back the clock and relive these moments. I love being a mommy, and although you wouldn't always know it by my attitude, my frustration and my lack of compassion, I really can't imagine doing anything else more fun, important and exhausting!! Thank you Jesus for this gift!!!!

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