Monday, September 19, 2011

cute, cute, cute

We've had a couple of cute moments these last two days...

Miss M informed JB that "when you do this it means married," at which point she grabbed JB and started dancing with him around the room. I'm going to guess she gets this from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, etc. We went to a couple of weddings this summer so she kept hearing the terms wedding, getting married, shower...I guess since I didn't stop and explain she was on her own to decide on a definition. Ah, if only it were as easy as just dancing around the room :)

Today I was working up in the attic, changing seasonal clothes and decorations, so I left the stairs down. They are in our bedroom closet and the kids don't see them much. JB wanted to go up, I told him no it was dangerous (terrible aren't I, I just didn't feel like dealing with him at that moment, I was up to my eyeballs in kids clothing!!!) Next thing I know he's sitting at the bottom of the steps, Prince Charming's shoes in his lap, looking up the stairs yelling "daddy ta-mere" (translation: Daddy, come here). It was sooooo cute and slightly heart breaking since Daddy is at work.

That's all...I gotta get back on my creative ideas and posting pictures here. Been a little lazy lately and the kids have been happy to do the regular stuff. Give them a week or two...they'll need some fun mom stuff before long!

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  1. Oh the changing of the clothes, how I loathe that process, lol. I don't need a nanny or housekeeper, but if I could just find someone who would do that chore for me, I'd be set.