Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Promise Kept

I told myself when I started blogging that it was going to be fun and extra...only to be done if life didn't get in the way first. Well life got in the way for the last few weeks and I needed to not let myself get sucked into the world that is Blogger. I mean c'mon, I could spend days on here just going from blog to blog reading all kinds of snarky, interesting, enriching, wasteful things!

But, while I was busy doing all the things that sounded so great when I committed to them but then when they came up I thought "what was I thinking", I did think of a couple of topics I'd like to explore via blog be waiting...anxiously :)

In the meantime, know that while I was gone I went to about 6 meetings, 5 playdates, the doctors office, many playgrounds, the beach, a covered bridge, Bouncing off the Walls, read 2 cookbooks, taught a teacher "in-service", planned a summer event for church, found myself in an unpleasant situation, went to a bridal shower, a graduation party, a birthday party, missed a very important baby shower, and I might have slept and ate a little too!

Glad that is all behind me...tomorrow I hope to be back to my pleasant blogging self...see you then!

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