Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old School

We needed to have a week where we stayed home a little extra, spent no extra money and just enjoyed each others company! Easier said then done, right?!?! Well it has gone surprisingly well. I had big hopes for Watermelon Week but we're a little behind schedule. I think we'll extend it through next week.

But we did:

  • catch a frog out front and play with it until I thought the frog could stand it no longer!

  • go to the park and play soccer, two on one...JB likes to kick it in the goal, Miss M would rather pick buttercups.

  • pack three picnic lunches and ate them wherever we ended up, a mall, a picnic table in town, our own deck.

  • splash in puddles (this was a highlight). It poured hard and fast here yesterday so we put on our watershoes as soon as the rain stopped and got to jumpin'. It started to rain again but we were soaked by that time anyways, so we just stayed outside and kept on playing!!

  • make our watermelon art project and cookies. Both turned out fabulous and we had fun...not the usual fighting one or the other every step of the way!

  • see some friends, always a good time!

  • watch God answer some prayers for our extended family! Yay God!

And, in the theme of "old school" we have also gone back to the basics with some disicipline issues and we've mustered up a summer 'chore chart' that the kids will hopefully find helpful! I have high hopes of just enjoying this summer and we've started out well!

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