Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm having one of those days

I don't feel funny or snarky today. In fact, I've felt on the edge of tears all day. Thankfully it was playdate at the park day with church. It was great to be outside, the kids completely entertained and lots of adults to chat with.

Now this overwhelming feeling has a great deal to do with the time of month that is approaching. Really?? I am almost 40 years old, I still have to deal with raging hormones?!?!?! ugh

When I am in this state of mind a few things are a given...I want to eat at all times (and I don't want to eat carrots or bananas or quinoa, I want to eat cookies, ice cream and nachos...with a side of french fries), I don't want to clean (and in fact I'm not, instead I am blogging and will next finish a book, then possibly watch a show if the kids give me enough time) and I dont' want to listen to my kids screech, argue and whine (wait, that has nothing to do with my mood today, that is how I feel everyday).

So I pray this foul mood will last just through today, maybe I'll be lucky and tomorrow will bring smiles and joy and the desire to eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables while folding laundry and cleaning toilets :) Here's to hopin'!

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