Monday, June 20, 2011

Watermelon Week

Tomorrow is the first day of summer :)
Our car is in for inspection and may be in for a day or two :(
Must do something...

So, I made this week watermelon week! It seemed like a natural theme, summer and watermelon go together. Jake could eat his weight, quite happily, in watermelon. Not to mention Mailbox Magazine had a whole section on this fabulous fruit! So here is what we shall do:

Monday: Paint a slice of watermelon. We used white construction paper and red paint (pretty ingenious, no?) We used a paper towel bunched up into a ball and blotted the paint on, that way both the 2 and 4 year old could particpate. Then we glued bits of green tissue paper around the edge for the rind. Finally, I got a black marker and we colored seeds. They are very cute and bright!
Tuesday: Bake watermelon cookies. By that I mean, make sugar cookies, color them pink. Cut them into circles, cut the circles in half, roll the outside edge in green decorator sugar. Poke a few mini-chips in for seeds and ... waa laa...
Wednesday: Make watermelon boats. Cut the ends off a whole watermelon, scoop out fruit and eat it. Glue a paper sail on a popsicle stick, push popsicle stick into middle of scooped out watermelon cup. Float in sink, tub, pool, etc.
Thursday: Make watermelon flowers. With the remainder of the fruit from yesterday, cut out flower shapes with a cookie cutter. Use another color fruit to make a round center and put them together on a skewer. Take them to the neighbors :)
Friday: Seed spitting contest. This is self explanatory, is it not? Of course with a 2 and a 4 year old this will be gross, but still fun :) We'll do it outside, maybe we'll even plant a seed or two and see what happens.

If all goes well I'll take some pics and post them next week :) Already thinking that next week might be fishy week...


  1. you are too cute! let me know how it goes.

  2. I thought that was sPeed spitting contest the first time I saw it. THAT would be cool to watch!