Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did I just say that????

I was at the mall today with my friend Dana. Yes, she's the friend that just had baby number three one week ago! Yes, she's a little ambitious, but it's really okay. The baby did great, the other kids all played and ran and she got out of the house. Before you roll your eyes, remember how you felt after having a baby...sometimes a little adult conversation and scenery other than the rocking chair you always nurse the baby in is needed!

Anyway, we got to laughing about some of the things we hear ourselves say. If you've never been in charge of children between the ages of 2-6 you might not understand this post :)

Here are some top things I've heard myself say, the last two weeks, that in any other reality you just wouldn't hear:

  • please don't lick my legs

  • I don't think putting your cheese stick in your nose is safe

  • stop roaring at your teacher

  • don't break dance on the mall floor anymore (I stole this one from Dana, classic)

  • if you keep drinking the bath water you'll get diarrhea

  • we don't talk about poop during dinner

  • do not put your doll in the toilet

  • you have to wear clothes to church

  • you can't wear your clothes in the bathtub

And almost better than the above statements are the times when we ask them stupid "why did you put your peanut butter cracker in the VCR?" and "why do you have mommies bra on your head?"

Yesterday I asked Miss M, "do you think it was a good idea to run out into the parking lot like that?" She responded with "it wasn't really an idea, my body just ran". Why do I even bother :)


  1. great post. Miss M's comment about her body just running is awesome! Love it.
    We could do an on-going list of the things we say that we never thought we'd say. One of mine is, "You can only touch your own boy part!"

  2. The sixth one done was directed at Daddy. Right?

    Recently, Celeste was heard saying, "You may have more salad when you've eaten more pizza." Followed by, "You may have more peaches when you've finished your pizza." Crazy!

  3. morgan is a riot. seriously, where does she come up with the things she says? she is very smart :)