Monday, May 2, 2011

What a difference a few years can make!

I just looked at the calendar and saw that Sunday is Mother's Day...yes, this Sunday! Boy that snuck up on me this year. I was wondering why the second Easter was over we were seeing ads for Mother's Day presents. Is it always this early???

Back in February Prince Charming and I agreed that on Mother's Day and Father's Day instead of gifts, we would make it a point to DO something as a family that everyone could enjoy. Skip the gifts and spend the money on a day at the beach, a nice lunch out or just spend the day at the park getting messy and having fun! We both agreed on this plan, but haven't spoken about it since...I bet Prince Charming has NO idea what this Sunday is :)

I can't help but think back a few years ago...Mother's Day was a torturous day for me for about three years. I wanted to be a mommy more than anything else in the world, always had assumed I would have a big family, just like I came from. God had other plans for me, for us, and they were plans that didn't set well with me.

I have a dear friend struggling right now with infertility, I'm sure she's dreading this weekend. It's not about the fact that you have a great mom, because I sure do! It's not about the fact that your life is full of children and people that love you, mine sure is! It's about the fact, that the dream you have isn't coming true. It's devastating...and those Mother's Day Sunday services were like a knife right through my already weakend heart! "Mother's stand up, let's give them a hand, here's a flower as you walk out the door, let's pray for all the mom's in our lives, listen to this sermon about ______ one of the greatest Mom's in the Bible"...and on it goes. People say things like "take the flower, you'll be a mom someday", "you're time will come, just be patient", "stop thinking about it so much, than it will happen", "adopt" or my personal fav...."you should be satisfied with what God has already blessed you with."

Well meaning people say dumb things, you let you heart rule your thought life and every baby! God has surely blessed me beyond measure with the two treasures I have. He also blessed me with family and friends that stood by and prayed with and for me during that awful period of time. I just still get that knot in my throat on Mother's Day though, knowing that God could have answered those prayers very differently. I will be thanking God for Miss M and JB on Sunday and I will be praying for my friend, and others, who have empty arms that day!


  1. Amen! Even when you have kid of your own, those feelings never completely go away. The scars and the pain are still there. Well said, my friend! For Father's Day last year I told Ava that it was OUR day because without her, I wouldn't be a daddy.

    Enjoy your special day!

  2. Janet, we share the brain I believe. :) I wrote a similar post for Mother's Day a few years ago. We had a bumpy road to parenthood as well, and I feel for those that have not been able to have children. ♥

  3. well said Janet! I don't want to say anything more, because I am one of those people who end up saying something stupid - love you!!