Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fun

Today's idea comes from a blend of an idea from Family Fun Magazine, a Jake and the Neverland Pirates episode and my own crazy brain! We don't have a yard to play in and my kids are young, so this version of an obstacle course worked for us. You could do so much more, if you had space, bigger kids and a little extra energy on any given Friday :)

I made an obstacle course for the kids with sidewalk chalk. I tried to take a picture to upload but the computer and my camera are not getting along!

First I drew some circles to represent the tires you have to run through in a real obstacle course. Than I drew a long foot wide rectangle to be a "balance beam". Next were three squiggly snakes to jump over. Finally they had to take a piece of chalk that was sitting just beyond the third snake, and run it to the bucket we keep our chalk in.

It took a good deal of practice, but Miss M got the hang of it. JB can do each thing, he just doesn't choose to do them in order. We had a lot of fun with this and it used up a TON of time. While I drew it all out the kids busied themselves collecting sticks, rocks, pinecones and woodchips. We spent quite a bit of time just practicing and figuring it out. Then we tried to see how fast we could do it. They are excited to show Prince Charming...I'm sure he'll add some "apparatus" to it when he sees my lame attempt. But if the kids are happy, I guess I'm not as lame as he might think :)

Happy Friday!

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