Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Library Day

I picked this one up at a consignment sale when Miss M was a baby. We started reading it right away and it has remained a favorite, now JB loves it.

It is written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli and there are others in the series, like "Yummy Yucky" and "Big Little".

We have had some fun with this story over the years. What kid doesn't like to see if things are loud or quiet???

Try these ideas:

1. Give your child a wooden spoon, a drum stick or a princess wand. Let them walk around the house banging on things :) Give them a few rules, like hit gently, tap it three times, ask first if it's a good idea, etc. After they bang on a bunch of items ask them, what was loud? What was quiet? You could even give them particular objects then have them sort them by sound.

2. Go to the park and find a quiet spot. Listen for all the quiet things you can hear. You might be amazed what your little one will pick up on.

3. Make your own Quiet Loud book. This is one of my favorite activities. Sometimes we take pictures, print them out and glue them into a book. Sometimes we tape or glue actual items, depends what the book we're making is about. **fun tip**teacher supply stores, like Beckers, sell blank books. They have bound books and stapled books, depends how much you want to spend. For under $5 you can make a forever keepsake!!

4. Depending on the age of your child, this is a great lead in to a conversation about when and where it's a good idea to be quiet and when and where it's okay to be loud.

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  1. I love your library day ideas! When SJ gets a little bigger and is ready for things like this, I'll definitely be borrowing some of them :)