Thursday, May 12, 2011

All boy!

If you frequent conversations about people and their children you will constantly hear about the differences between boys and girls. But until you live it, it's a little hard to imagine they can really be that different! Certainly personality, birth order, etc. all come into play, but there are a few things going on at my house right now that are constant reminders that I have a boy child :)

1. I am constantly stepping on something with wheels...trucks, trains, cars, planes...we've got it all and it's all over the house!
2. I now know the name of all large, and small, construction vehicles. Do you know the difference between an excavator and a front end loader? I can also spot them from a mile away in anticipation of the excitement that is about to squeal from the back seat! In addition, we have a fire truck book that describes the 50 different kinds of fire trucks...did you know there were 50 kinds of fire trucks????
3. At all times people living and/or visiting my house need to be prepared for a basketball to come flying at their head. His throw is strong, irratic and unannounced...and like I said, it's always a basketball. I really should replace that thing with a yarn ball!
4. His words are few, sometimes I worry that they are too few, but when he speaks you best pay attention. Otherwise he will repeat what you are not listening to (or understanding) until you acknowledge him appropriately. Now Miss M has always been a talker and she likes to be paid attention to when she speaks, But she talks so much that you can give her a lot of hmms, uh huhs, and sures...she'll be satisfied. JB knows what he is saying and he wants you to understand and pursue conversation...what ad was that that always said, "When...talks, people listen" That will be JB's tag line!
5. This is my current fav...the noises that come out of that boys know the ones! Truck noises, airplane noises, burps, grunts, etc. But the best is his newest morning routine. As Prince Charming and I lay sleeping in our bed, Miss M in hers dreaming of princesses and parties, JB wakes up and he...GROWLS!! Like a bear! Until you get him up! It's upsetting the first few times (how did a bear get in my house???), then it's cute (aw, he's growling like a bear)...I imagine in a few days it will be annoying! But I'm enjoying it right now...c'mon over around 5:30 am if you'd like to hear it...we're all up :)

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  1. Love it!
    I happen to know the difference btwn a front end loader and an excavator;)