Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm feeling a little...mushy...

I don't have anything pressing on my mind that I think is worth writing about, well except for an overwhelming love for my family and friends! I don't know what it is, but lately when I look at the people that God has given me to live out my day to day life with, my heart overflows! So I'm going to gush a little...ignore this post if you have a weak stomach...

Prince Charming-say what you will about my larger than life, loud, sarcastic spouse...I personally love him more and more as time goes by. He is such a great dad, you should see him with our kids. He's a natural...I was worried at first, when Miss M arrived he didn't know what to do with her! It didn't help that she only wanted Mommy, he felt pretty rejected for the first 6 months or so. But does he love our kids fiercely!! JB is his biggest fan and Miss M adores her special times with Daddy. I love lots of things about him, but seeing him with our kids has put me over the top!!

Miss M-today at her well check the dr said, "she's painfully shy, isn't she?" This after she introduced her stuffed toys to him in "their voices" and then switched it off just in time to discuss the fact that we all have the last name Miller...all of us and our dr!! I love how out going she is, she makes a friend wherever we go and she's not age specific, she'll talk and play with anyone! She does everything to the nth degree...she plays hard, sleeps hard, and grates on mommy hard...but it's a quality I love about her, it will serve her well in the future. And those blue eyes...

JB-have you seen this kid? He's adorable :) (If I may say so myself!) He's just at such a sweet stage, trying to talk, trying to do everything big sister does and trying to turn into a little man. He can play by himself, he'll eat almost anything and his laugh is ridiculously contagious. He is also a cuddle bug, which I personally can't get enough of...thank you Lord for giving me at least one that likes to just sit on my lap and snuggle!

My friends are too many to name...that right there is a blessing. I have a few girl friends that I've known all my life, they are a true treasure. I have many friends that I've known for years, they too are special. But I am overwhelmed by the women God has given me in the short time we've been at our current church. Friends that will last through to eternity!

I won't go on and on about my Mom, my sisters, the girls I've watched grow up through youth ministry...but I could...because God knows I need people in my life and he has blessed me abundantly!


  1. aww. so precious. mush away!

  2. you are a blessing to so many people and have had a tremendous impact - so glad you feel the joy in your life - you are loved!!