Monday, January 16, 2012

A winter list!

I'm really into making "bucket lists" for each season...things we want to do. The kids have fun with helping me think of things and it really motivates me to plan fun things instead of sit home in our jammies watching Octonauts (oops, that's what we're doing today, Happy MLK day :) )

Our Winter List for 2012
1. build snowman
2. go sledding
3. go to "the gym" (meaning gymnastics gym)
4. ice skate
5. make a birdfeeder
6. go to the Please Touch Museum
7. make moonsand
8. have a living room sleepover
9. drink hot chocolate
10. visit Aunt Barb
11. make cinnamon buns
12. go to the Academy of Natural Science Museum
13. get bunkbeds
14. potty train JB
15. snuggle often
16. make ice lanterns

We've already done numbers 3, 9, and 10, not to say we won't do all three of those things again! One good snow would be fine for me, we can build a snowman and sled all on one storm. The ice skating can be inside, no need for low temps!! The sleepover will occur sometime in March, as each kid is getting a sleepbag for their birthday. So that actually might not happen until spring. I've had number 6 and 12 on the last three bucket lists...can I cross them off this time?!?!?!?

If anyone would like to volunteer to accomplish number 14 for me, I'd pay you...

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  1. what is moonsand? i like #15 the best :)our 2 year olds will be 3 too soon!!!