Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally...but I'm done!

When we asked Miss M what she wanted for her birthday a few days ago she answered, "a snow storm". And she meant a literal, God-controlled, blizzard...pretty please with sugar on top. We have been very nervous about the fall-out from our complete inability to grant her this wish. But God has been listening and he answered our prayers...and I must say, we were pretty happy with the details in which he answered with!

I am NOT a snow person, don't like to be cold, don't like to be stuck home while my husband is working on people's snowy roofs, don't like to wear all the gear for five minutes and then come inside, don't like to drive in get the idea. There are really only two instances I can think of that I like snow. First, when I was teaching I did LOVE snow days (I was pretty famous for leading snow dances in the faculty lounge to encourage the flakes and for getting the kids all wound up about wearing their pjs inside out). Second, my kids love to play in it. This second reason is the only reason I tolerate it without much complaining these days. This snow was great, just enough to go outside and have fun, but not enough to last for weeks at a time. A little wetter might have been nice for snowman building, but overall, still a good storm for us!

As you can see from the picture above, we dress our kids in the latest snow bunny fashions. Yeah, right!!! All of those items were either bought at consignment shops, thrift stores or handed down from someone else. All except JB's hat, that is mine, given to me by a Jr. High youth group girl a million years ago. Yes, his head is big enough to wear my hat! Keep your comments to yourself about that please!!

So Lord, thanks for finally bringing us some winter white! The kids had a blast and it lent itself to a nice fun, lazy family day! Now Lord, don't fell compelled to bring us anymore, we're happy and content with what you've provided.

Now I can birthday shop somewhere other than on my knees, Bible in hand...


  1. Lord, ignore Janet's prayer about not bringing us more, and refer back to my many prayers for a foot of snow. Amen.

  2. I love that she wanted a snowstorm for her birthday! God does hear the prayers of little ones :) I agree, it was just enough to have some fun.