Saturday, January 14, 2012

The week of Yum

I posted, maybe too proudly, that I was going to try new recipes every day this week. My friends did a pretty good job of keeping me accountable on this one, I got comments, fb messages, phone calls and direct questions. I'm in trouble if everyone gets this involved in all the projects I propose on this blog! Because to be honest, my blogging is very visionary but the reality is sometimes less fabulous :)

Between all the nagging, I mean encouragment, and the fact that I actually went food shopping and bought all necessary ingredients (and nothing else) the week of Yum actually occured and it went better than expected. Here are the results:

Recipe One: Poppyseed Chicken...Prince Charming and I loved it, the kids ate what they were given without complaining. Neither of my kids are big fans of things that are 'saucy or gooey or wet' but they did okay with this. It's a total casserole, so if those aren't your thing, don't ask me for the recipe. Otherwise I'd be happy to share it!
Recipe Two: Sausage, Peppers and Potatoes...LOVED it! We all did. Miss M won't eat the peppers but they were easy to avoid. This was so easy, and it felt warm and hardy...comfort food for sure!
Recipe Three: Anne's Sweet and Sour Chicken...okay, disclaimer here, she gave me this recipe on fb and it was really just a list of ingredients. I thought I could handle it, I mean it's three things plus chicken...c'mon. Well, it smelled great, cooked up easy and looked pretty. But I made it too spicy and the kids and I were down for the count. We ate the rice and some fruit that night, but Prince Charming loved it. Clearly I need to reconnect with Anne and figure this out, because the idea of it is yummy AND I have half a jar of apricot preserves left over :)
Recipe Four: Stuffed Shells...YUMM-O (to coin a Rachael Ray phrase). I have been making stuffed shells for years but I always do cheese filled. JB has a bit of a dairy issue and so he can't eat mine at all, which is sad because we all love them. This is a meat-filled version from my friend Ghazelle (it's in the MOPS cookbook) and they were so great! Mind you, in the recipe it says makes 20...I have 48 of them...but I happen to love that. Some in the freezer, some off to a friend and some in my belly!

Overall a great week of cooking and eating, all of these recipes will make it into my monthly, if not weekly, mix. I'm trying a few more this week from Deb, Kim and MOPS...but I don't want the hounding so I'm saying no more :)


  1. oh die for the rachel ray yummo part, but hooray! to the rest! and I'm glad that it went well. I am in the same food funk, but I'm not motivated to get out of it. ANd I think the kids at chicken nuggets about 3 times this week because I didn't feel like doing anything but reheat the leftovers they didn't like.

  2. I'm with Kate on the 'yummo' thing.

    Heather and I always made sweet & sour chicken when we did bulk cooking. I'll have to look up the recipe but if I remember correctly it's pretty basic like Anne's. Good for you on cooking new recipes! :) I think we're all in a food slump lately; maybe it's the post-holiday blues? Where 'normal' non-holiday food is boring?