Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Library Day

Tikki Tikki Tembo was a book that I took out of the library over and over again as a child. I was thrilled when Miss M found it on the shelf a few years ago and we have been enjoying it together ever since. At the Langhorne branch of the library they even have a big book version...you know the kind teachers use ;)

Now, I'm pretty sure some will argue this book is politically incorrect. In fact, I'm slightly surprised it's not on some banned book list. I mean no harm from this book. We really just love the silliness of having such a looooong name...Tikki Tikki Tembo Nosa Rembo Bari Bari Ruchi Pip Perry Pembo...or something like that. Miss M has had it committed to memory since she was about two, we're working on JB now :)

We took it out this week and were enjoying the story for 1,000th time when Miss M made a connection (the teacher pride/mommy pride value is high here). "Is this story in China?" "Yes, why?" "Is it Chinese?" "well, kind of...what are you thinking about honey?" "I'm thinking about Sierra, she knows Chinese, does she know this story?"

We had a nice little talk about China, learning Chinese, Sierra's family, and then God reminded me of our friends in China that are there to bring the good news of Jesus to those they encounter. I told her all about my friends there, why they went, how difficult it is for them to be away. It was a sweet conversation, we ended by praying for our friends there and then she spouted some 'phrase' that she is convinced is Chinese...Sierra taught her ;)

Teachable moments. Prayer. Missionaries. Good books. Lot's of sprinkles :)

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  1. we read that book this summer and loved it :) Has M read the story of Ping the chinese duck? There's a cd in the book and some songs/lessons about china. My girls enjoyed that too :)