Saturday, December 3, 2011

My hometown :)

A quiet Saturday at our house (read: boring Saturday). Prince Charming had to work and JB is still under the weather, so we played at home all day. The kids made a bakery in their bedroom. Miss M was the brains behind the idea but JB was happy to help, and then destroy, and then help, and then destroy. It was very cute, and although I thought we might have enough play food for two small children, today's adventure indicates we do not. So I am going to try my friend Megan's idea, she crafted some cute baked goods with her son...check it out!

We had a plain, yet yummy dinner, that everyone actually ate. I always love meals like that, they are few and far between here! Prince Charming said that we could go get a treat since some of us haven't hardly left the house since...oh....TUESDAY! (that's not completely accurate but it is very dramatic) So off we went to the Zebra Striped Whale for some delicious ice cream. As we sat there eating ice cream and reading the strange books that they keep there I came up with this list:

You know you're in Newtown when...
1. All girl children are wearing UGGs (Well, all but my girl child! Seriously? I'd like to believe that even if I had that kind of money I would understand that paying $60 for boots for a three year old is worthy of a head exam)
2. The ice cream you just bought your child cost you $3.25 for one scoop. (They do have very fun sprinkles but I don't think they are worth $3.25)
3. The people sitting at the table next to you share with you that they've already been to "the light show" four times (it costs $25 each time!)
4. You walk out of the store at 7:15 pm and everything around you is closed. (Prince Charming really hates this about our lovely little town, you can't get gas after 8 pm)
5. You walk out of the store and notice that across the street is "the Tubby Olive" olive oil store (I have nothing else to say about this...)
6. The people sitting on the bench outside are feeding their two dogs each their own $3.25 ice cream cone.

I really, actually, love where I live...but we are way out of our league on most accounts. The fact that I was born and raised here makes little difference! It is NOT the same small town I rode my yellow metallic banana seat bike into to pick up a two dollar hoagie. Nor is it the same town with the five and dime store where you could literally buy candy for a dime! And it certainly isn't the town my parents grew up in...I think then there were more pheasants than people (yes, I said pheasants...when is the last time you heard someone speak of a pheasant?? I have fond memories of driving around with my Dad spotting them in fields...fields that are now things like Dunkin' Donuts, 7-11 and my current home).

I am thankful for where and how I grew up, I am mostly thankful that I can raise my own children here.


  1. Psst...Your link is broken; it's missing the : after the http.
    I bet the people who have been to the light show 4x bought the multi-pass. We went last year on a friend's multi-pass; they had a punch or two left on theirs that they weren't using.
    Where is Zebra Striped Whale? What a weird name, lol.

  2. Yeah, I can't get the link to work, I've checked it and redone it, the : won't appear even though it's in the html...oh well! And no, they didn't have the frequent flier pass, we asked them that. They didn't even know that was an option! Zebra Striped Whale is right on State Street in Newtown. It's the name of a Children's book that the owners wrote, weird name, weird book, great ice cream!