Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Confessions

It's 10:56 pm...we just wrapped ALL the gifts, put one together, got breakfast prepped and "gave the house a once over"! I always have high hopes of doing these things much earlier, well except the breakfast prep, but I never do. I have even had good excuses this year and last...illness the week before the holiday. But even so, most of the gift have been bought for about two/three weeks now, they could have been wrapped before the flu set in!

Oh well, it's all part of the joy of Christmas Eve. It really is one of my favorite days of the year! It has been since I was young. I love being surprised and I love getting presents, so the anticipation of Christmas morning has always been a favorite! I always loved the thrill of putting cookies out for Santa, listening for sleigh bells (which my brother used to pretend to hear just to torture me) and trying to get to sleep. Then I'd be up at the CRACK OF DAWN and sit at the top of the stairs until everyone else decided to join me. But my real favorite thing Christmas Eve was my church service at Davisville. Every year it was the same exact thing, and every year I loved it! The bell choir playing Ring the Bells, the choir and jr. choir doing the Silent Night echo number (personal fav), the huge crowd that required people to sit in chairs all the way back to the lobby, Les Wilson belting out Christmas carols, getting all dressed up, etc...LOVE those memories, and love making new ones with my family.

Ignore the following statements if you don't want to hear my opinion about Santa Claus!To me as I look back at those memories, it was such a mixture of childhood joy and innocence believing in Santa and then reverence and awe in understanding that the birth of Jesus was just the beginning of my salvation story! I love that we did the fun and the important, it's what made my childhood ideal. I was allowed to believe in make-believe things and I was taught the truth in a consistent loving way. I hope my kids will look back at their young years and think the same thing!! And no, I don't feel lied to and my parents didn't seem to mind sharing some of the gift giving credit with a fictional character...just for clarification :)

Well, on to the confession, which is much less serious than the constant debate over Santa or no goes...don't judge...I have never seen White Christmas, Miracle on whatever Street, or It's a Wonderful Life...

Also, it is now 11:09 and Scott is out doing a little last minute shopping...

Merry Christmas...

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