Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've gone and done it again...

Yes, sir, I went ahead and won the mother-of-the-year award again, right out from under you!!!

We've had a rough week here, mommy being sick and all! The kids seemed to turn on me the other day, like they knew I was well enough to handle them misbehavin' but not really well enough to take care of it properly!!! Well, meal times have become a joke in the last two days, I couldn't get either kid to eat anything!

So today at lunch I decided it was time to get them back on board the mommy train! I served them yogurt with frozen blueberries mixed in. This is a favorite lunch of theirs and we hadn't had it in a while. I re-introduced it last week and we've had it every day since. Usually they have a sandwich with it and some fruit but today they had been at my mom's and I knew they had snacked there, so I just gave them the yogurt.

They both took about two bites and then dug their heels in..."we're not eating this". I remained calm. I reasoned with them. I "indulged" them by listening to their tale of woe. But finally, I told them, if you don't eat it now you will eat it the next time you tell my "I'm hungry".

They both took naps and woke up quite pleasant so we ran a few errands. Dinner finally came around and so I got out their yogurt cups and told them to "finish up". They both looked equally startled by the fact that I had just pulled out the gross cups from lunch and sat them down in front of them for dinner. "Where is our real dinner?" asked Miss M. "It's right in front of you, when you eat that you can have something else". I mean c'mon, this is a total move my mom would have made 35 years ago (someday you'll have to ask me about chicken potpie).

I watched JB take a bite or two, and after each bite he made this horrible face. Then Miss M started crying real tears and tried to tell me it just didn't taste the same. BAH!! It's the same yogurt you've been eating for three years!! Although, I must admit at this point I thought, what if the yogurt is bad? Now, I hate yogurt so me tasting it isn't going to help, I think it all tastes rancid!! So I kept at it..."eat it and be done" "two big spoonfuls JB, then you'd be done" "don't you want cookies??????"

Finally I gave in, I went to the fridge, took out the big tub o' yogurt and there it was...instead of the "yummy" french vanilla variety we buy every says plain! Oops...I guess plain yogurt is noticeable even with frozen blueberries added. Poor Miss M, she just hates change and I wasn't even really listening to her complaints!!

I made her eat two bites, JB ended up finishing his off. You know what they ate after that, since they were still starving because of it being day two of their food stand-off?'ve got to be kidding me...they ate the salmon! Why do I even bother????


  1. Now since they ate the salmon, I'd say you won.
    And you really do deserve the MOTY award, cause that's good stuff! I would have caved after about 30min of whining about the yogurt. LOL that it was plain. Its like eating sour cream with blueberries. LOL! sounds tasty.

  2. I once had a standoff with Adam for an hour over potatoes. I LOVE yogurt, but even I won't eat plain yogurt. Yuck.