Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here's the lemonade...

You've heard the expression...When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...

The other day we got a phone call from a friend from our small group. We were all coming over for dinner and she didn't have any coffee filters (as you may or may not know, if you don't have coffee at an event where church people are they all melt into puddles of unrecognizable goo). Sure, no problem, we have coffee filters. I put them on the half wall that we MUST walk past to get out the door and didn't think about them again...until we got to our friends house and she asked "Do you have the coffee filters????"

Thankfully we live a short hop from their house, so Prince Charming ran home for the filters (he is definitely one that will turn into the goo...and he makes a VERY big puddle!). Now here is where Prince Charming and I differ (well lets be honest, I could write a post a day for 10 years on the ways we differ, but this was Sundays glaring example), he ran in the house grabbed one coffee filter off the stack and left the stack on the half wall. I think I would have grabbed the whole stack or grabbed one and put the rest away (I might be giving myself too much credit there).

We had a nice night with our small group, came home, put the kids to bed, and hopped into bed ourselves to watch TV and just take it easy. The next day, got up, did our morning routine and then it happened...I ran in my room to check an email while the kids were playing nicely and all of the sudden it was quiet...too quiet...

I peeked into the living room and what do I see (and I wish I had taken a picture of this) about 100 coffee filters neatly layed all over the room, each one with a toy or two in it. "Look mommy, it's my basket store" Then, as if on cue...JB runs through the basket store "vroom, vroom, vroom" as if he is a racecar cruising in for the win at the Indy 500.

Coffee filters...smashed! Toys...everywhere! Miss M...crying! JB...tickled pink!

Couldn't reuse those coffee filters. I remembered my pre-school teaching days and something about coffee filters, markers and tie-dye. Here is the finished product:

I like to call them "lemonade"


  1. love it :) i hate when i forget to put stuff away, b/c my munchkins ALWAYS find it and use it for something else they find interesting!

  2. Thank God that coffee filters are cheap, lol. Glad you made the best of it :)