Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving: Part Deux

I'm cooking the bird! Haven't cooked the turkey for extended family in 10 years...however I have cooked it for my little troop. Should be fine. I am only in charge of Tom and potatoes. One thing I always appreciated about my Mom's Thanksgiving is she always tried to make everyone's favorite dish. Even if that meant we had three kinds of vegetables, or three starches, or even a dish only one person really liked. So I think I'm going to make some sweet potatoes for my mom and my sister and some old school coleslaw, the way my Nana used to make it. My mom and sister are bringing everything else...woohoo!!

The Thanksgiving Tree I posted about earlier is going so well! The kids actually remind me when I forget to do it and they think of mostly new things every time. Although JB is stuck right now on "Miss Cathie" the woman that watches him on Tuesday mornings at church.

Next week I hope to try a couple of Thanksgiving projects I found on pinterest. We'll see how that goes with cooking and cleaning, but we'll give it a college try! Here's what I'm thinking about doing....


  1. oo, I love the hand print tree!

  2. yeah, I have pipe dreams of making one every see our know that will never happen! :)