Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Excitement is building...

I could be talking about excitement building in a number of areas of life right now...

1. Thankgsiving tomorrow!! Kids can't wait for Uncle Don and Aunt Sue and Grandmom to arrive, Miss M has asked me about 20 times today "what day is it?". We've made rice krispie turkeys (which is no easy task as those things are stinkin' hot and sticky to roll into a ball...not a kid friendly activity), I've made coleslaw and the house just needs to be picked up. Tomorrow will be all bird making and potato cooking and EATING :)
2. A job interview...yes folks, I'm applying for a part-time job. I could tell you about it but then I'd have to kill you. More details later, but I do have an interview on December 5th...boy it's been a long time since I had to write a resume, fill out an application and interview. I'm feeling a bit rusty!!
3. Prince Charming's new job should actually start paying this week...don't ask...let's just say it's a good thing we got that free turkey!
4. Wait for it...POTTY TRAINING :) I don't mean to get my hopes up but JB peed on the potty twice today without being prompted. Both times Miss M went and then he wanted to go, he's the ultimate copy cat. But both times he went and both times he got an m&m. Later when we were decorating turkeys with m&m eyes he said, "m&m's?? I didn't go potty yet"

I look forward to all these things! I might just have to go eat a whole bottle of sprinkles :)


  1. oooo, I feel special that I already know what #2 is. :) And hooray for potty training! That was the one motherhood task I really wished I could pay someone else to do for me. Yours sounds like it's off to a really good start. :)

  2. awesome!
    I hope that JB is an easy train!
    Praying the paycheck is more than what you are expecting!!!