Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's all over...

Thanksgiving Day was a success! Here is how I know this...

delicious dinner--check
full bellies--check
lots of leftovers--check
kids behaved--check
kids had fun--check
family enjoyed themselves--check
watched some parade--check
watched some football--check
no arguments--check
no spills--check
dishes are washed and put away--check
already had one plate of leftovers--check
kids in bed by 6:45--check

We really did have a great day. We had a little surprise (read: two extra guests) but you know how it goes on feast day. There is more food than you know what to do with, what's two more mouths???

We are going to relax for a few days (read: Prince Charming goes to work tomorrow so we can lay around and do nothing) and then gear up for Christmas. I think I'm going to take down all autumnal decorations on Monday and then we'll decorate for Christmas on the first of December. I have lots of ideas and plans for Christmas...more on that later!

Oh, and remember those three pics of things I said I was going to do this week...well here are the pics of what really happened. And I added one of our Thanksgiving tree, it's even more full now but I forgot to take a pic of it today!
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, this is like the first day, it has TONS of leaves on it now!! I swear!!

The rice krispie turkey treats...I will never try this again, although they did taste really yummy if I do say so myself!

Turkey hand print placemats instead of cute nature placecards. The grandmoms loved them!!! And isn't that all that really matters??


  1. They look yummy! Glad your day was so perfect. :)

  2. a couple of observations.
    I am cracking up at the rice crispie treat turkeys!=
    LOVE the placemat idea. So cute.
    Curious about how you set the table with forks on the that a kid thing, or do you always set it like that?
    So glad it was a success! And I'm so jealous you had the kids in bed by 6:45!

  3. Kate that is so funny you ask about the forks...the kids did help and Morgan asked which side and in my haste I said, "wherever you put them is fine". After I said I thought, I should check that, more picturing her putting them in the middle of the plate, but as you can see, I never actually checked and noone mentioned a thing yesterday! Oops! I'm no Martha Stewart!