Monday, November 14, 2011

New perspective

Prince Charming took on a new position at work, it's a sales job and we've been hoping and praying for this change for over a year now. Now we've got what we asked for and I'm not loving it! When the commission checks finally start coming in I might be able to grow some appreciation for this job, but until then...ugh!

I know many of my friends are married to men that work insane hours, travel regularly and are working into the wee hours from their home offices. I've always felt badly for them and been glad that we didn't have to deal with any of those scenarios. Sure he had to work later than I liked here and there, and an occasional Saturday, but really, I had nothing to complain about.

Things are different now! Every night is a late night, every other Saturday is a must (and he's been asked to work every 'off' Saturday since the switch) and when he finally gets home there is lots of paperwork to catch up on!

I gotta' admit, I'm tuckered out and often feel in desperate need of adult conversation. I start to lose my mind around 4 pm and if he's not home by's either to bed for the kids or a movie, 'cause momma' ain't playin' no more!!

We will adjust, I really am thankful for the job. Prince Charming loves the new responsibilities, talking with customers, coming home clean and the hope of nice, juicy, commission checks.

My respect for single moms and those that have hubbies that travel for days/weeks at a time has gone up a notch! Our men work hard so we can live the lives we dream of, well, sorta...I think he'd have to rob a bank to really live the way I dream :)

I just need to by some extra sprinkles for those long nights :)


  1. Ugh. Hugs to you. I know its hard!

  2. I feel your pain! Jeff works a lot, and then he brings more home. Not fun but I am trying to be positive about it...depends on the day :)