Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lifty, Lily and Junior

Miss M has an imagination on her! In addition to her fabulous imagination she has a deep need to know the name of everyone and everything. As a result, everything she finds as treasure and every toy that she believes is deserved gets a name.

Here are the top eight "friends" we have living with us currently...
1. Giraffee, Bunny-Bunny and Froggy-clearly these were named early on as they are her special stuffed animals from infancy and she sleeps with them every night. They are, respectively, a giraffe, bunny and frog...all beany baby style. We have really challenged her to think of imagniative names...you will see how that panned out as the list progresses.
2. Cowdy and Lola-these are her two baby dolls, she named them on her own and consistently calls them these names. JB now knows who is who and calls them by name!
3. Emily-a leapfrog toy that is a stuffed frog. When you push the buttons on it's bib it says colors and shapes. She calls Emily her video game...if we never have to spend hundreds of dollars and wasted brain cells on video games because this satisfies her, I will be thrilled :)
4. Neminee-a little white bear that just joined the family last week after an Easter Egg hunt.
5. Betty the Fruit Snack-this is a personal fav of mine...it is actually what she calls any given magnetic letter. They are all fruit snacks, they take turns being Betty the Fruit Snack.
6. Sea Pup-this is JB! She has many names for him, but he actually responds to this one, it's very cute!
7. Morgan-this is her imaginary/no longer with us baby sister. She likes to tell people, "I used to have a baby sister named Morgan". Kind of freaks people out and compels me to go into a long explanation of the fact that there is no missing/deceased/existent baby sister :)
8. Lifty, Lily and Junior-rocks she found outside at various places. She generally keeps them in her cup holder in the car, hadn't heard much about them lately. Today she discovered them, reminded me of the names that she hadn't forgotten and promptly announced "they're moving into the house with us today Mommy". Welcome home Lifty, Lily and Junior!

Not to be outdone, JB received a new Zhu-Zhu pet for Easter. Now these strange little toys come with names that Miss M has been quite satisfied with. However, JB took one look at his new pet, that happens to have a pirate picture on its back, and said "Hook". So here we go....what will he think of next????


  1. so so cute. LOL at Betty the fruit snack.
    I love her, she is precious, Miss M that is, not Betty.