Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walking the Walk

I love to take a walk! I prefer to walk outside but I will walk the mall when weather does not permit otherwise. I also prefer to walk with a friend. I love to chat, laugh, catch-up and share with someone while getting a little exercise. Lately I haven't been doing much walking...I could blame the weather but really, I've just been in a funk. And while not walking for exercise is a slight problem, I also haven't been walking with my Saviour either. That's a much bigger problem. Now, let's just clear up what I mean by that...I haven't been binge drinking, evading my taxes, or stealing paperclips from the office! I just haven't been spending time with the Lord, we haven't taken a walk and chatted, laughed, caught-up or shared in quite a while. For me this is a serious problem, becuase just like when I don't get exercise I feel fat and ugly; when I don't spend time with the Lord I feel down and out.

I realized my problem a few weeks ago but the one-day retreat at church really kind of stirred something up in me. A feeling of "your emotional and spiritual well-being is not where it should be, so do something about it" enveloped me that day. It might have been the talk I heard about spiritual wellness or the challenge I was given to raise my children in the way of the Lord or maybe it was that testimony...hearing about a friend that was so low she didn't see a way out! It was probably a combo of all three that really got me thinking and that thinking led to action!

I made a date with one of my favorite women and let her know where my heart was. We followed that up with a second date and I really felt myself looking to find a way to put God back in my routine (thanks other Janet). Then a good friend told me about a really cool website www.momstoolbox.com and the how began to surface (thanks Tiff). Then finally, the icing on the cake, my dearest friend in the world came up for a surprise visit...it had nothing to do with me or where I was...it just encouraged my heart to see her and her fabulous family (thanks Deb). I put that all together and I am back...walking with the Lord so we can chat, laugh, catch-up and share. I know that lazy attitude will creep back in, but for today I am happy with where I am. I'm praying that God will keep me thirsty for HIM and that I will respond obediently.

My favorite thing about God right now is the freedom I have in HIM. I think I was feeling alot of pressure/stress about how I needed to be living my life, spending my money, raising my children, etc. But I don't need to be in bondage to any of those things...Christ died so that I can live...I can give all those cares to HIM and he will carry them for me.

Anyway, enough preachy-preachy...this is more cathartic for me than for you :) Check out that website if you're looking for some accountability, ideas or just a place to see other women in the same battle as you!

Now if only I could get myself exercising again...that may take a real act of God :)


  1. cracking up at the last sentence! I do feel the sameway, just in a funky funk and i havent had my qt regularly since j was born.
    anyway...keep blogging. one more day and you'll have broken your record!

  2. Girl, I will walk & talk with you anytime! That's one of my favorite activities. If it ever stops raining we need to make a date.
    I'm with you on many points. It's so easy to drift away and be crabby; I'm an expert at that. I don't know why we forget Him so quickly.

  3. Great thought janet - I always blame winter for all that is bad, when in reality it is my own disobedience - praying for you and me!!