Monday, April 25, 2011

Just another day at the pediatrician...

They are going to start charging me rent at the pediatrician's office. They may also start consulting me on colors for the walls, books to have available on the tables and what flavor lollipops to have. We are there more often than I like, and if you know my Miss M then you won't be surprised to hear that she has addressed the above three topics with nurses, doctors and fellow patients :)

We stopped in today, to say Happy Easter...well we also checked JB...maybe strep...we haven't had that before! Anyway, I pulled into the parking lot and could not find a spot, this has never happened to me at this office. I circled the building twice, thank goodness I'm always 10 minutes early!! We finally found a spot clear on the other side of the building. It was a beautiful day for a long stroll (and we found rocks, acorns and puddles along the way). I walk in the waiting room and it is standing room only! Again, a first. I counted 38 people in the waiting room...38!

Apparently the computers went down and apparently when the computers go down doctors can't see patients and apparently when doctors can't see patients nurses can't do preliminary checks and apparently when nurses can't do preliminary checks patients and their parents grow irritable!! We arrived at the tail end of the chaos, thankfully. Miss M and JB were thoroughly entertained by the fish (as usual) the chipmunk movie playing (I think it's the only movie they own) and the shear volume of people they could smile at, wave to, wish a Happy Easter, and in JB's case, pass books out to. One lady was so annoyed that JB kept bringing her books she put on her dark sunglasses and stopped acknowledging him completely. I was totally amused by the pile of about 10 books he piled at her feet :) I'm terrible, I know!

Oh well, no harm no foul! JB finally got checked and by the time we came out the nurses were chasing us out the door so they could eat their lunch. I really do enjoy observing people and thier reactions to their surroundings. I just wish I could study people on the boardwalk, at the beach or an airplane! The peds office is getting old. Next time though, I will be a bit more prepared in case of technological difiiculties...I'll just offer everyone some sprinkles :)

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  1. what a day! 38 people? that's crazy. (didn't these doctors and nurses treat patients before they had all these computer systems?!?) so jb is okay?