Monday, April 18, 2011

I really stink at this!

Well, here I am three months since my last might think I was busy home/pre-schooling the kiddo. Don't give me that much credit, I just would rather read other blogs than write my own apparently :) I'm considering giving it another stab...

I just had the best morning with my kids! We got up early, because that's what my kids do (sad face) and we played and watched a little TV. I threw in a couple loads of laundry and relocated my dining room table (it was lost underneath the weekend). As I wrapped all of that up Miss M says "Mommy what are we doing next?" There were great expectations in her eyes so quickly I scrambled. I looked around the room, thought about what had to be done and I saw them...sitting by the stairs...the rain boots. So, without thinking I said, "we're going to the park in our boots to see what treasures we can find." Boots was the only word Miss M and JB needed to they ran to get ready!

I tried calling a few friends, that didn't pan out, so off the three of us went. It was glorious! We parked down by the dam at Tyler and threw rocks in the high, fast moving water. This sliced just a few years off my life as I was sure one of them was going in the drink! Then we walked to the sandbox at the rickety old barn playground. I use the term sandbox loosely, it was really just a mud pit! But since we had our boots we went! That lasted only a second when JB spotted the playground. So off we went across the grassy knoll to play and climb and swing and slide. We made a few friends (I love that my kids make friends everywhere we play!!)did a lot of chasing and sat down for a snack. Then we played some more, in fact we made a delicious pizza out of woodchips and pistachio shells. Finally we headed back, stopped off at the mud pit, took a short cut and threw a few more rocks. All in all it was the perfect morning. We laughed, observed, listened, exercised, snacked and held hands (that was my favorite part).

One last thing...I know you aren't supposed to take anything out of the park that you didn't bring in, but we did come home with four rocks. Tonight after dinner we're going to read the story of Jesus' entering the city on Palm Sunday. We're going to decorate our rocks to emphasize to us that if we don't praise the Lord, He will make the rocks cry out! They will remind us of our great day together in the park and how much we have to Praise the Lord for!

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  1. Yay, Janet is blogging! :)
    Today was a good park day, at least until it started raining. Glad you got to get out & enjoy it for a while. TC loves that spot by the water too. :)