Friday, April 22, 2011

first ever Friday Fun

I taught first grade for 9 1/2 years and I loved almost every minute of it. Don't get me wrong, teaching is hard work and sometimes very stressful. But the reward is far greater than the cost! A few years into my adventure in first grade I began doing what I ever so creatively dubbed "Friday Fun". It changed from year to year, even week to week sometimes. But the bottom line was, the students worked hard all week toward a specific goal and their reward was some Friday Fun. This came in the form of free recess, a video, a popcorn party, baking cookies, etc.

As I am getting into this whole blogging stratisphere I began to think I'd like to go back to Friday Fun. So my goal is to mention some activities, websites, places to visit, or whatever other fun thing I can dive into every Friday. And the best part is, unlike in my classroom, you don't have to do anything but log on. No pressure to remember your library books, or your sneakers for gym class, or your homework...just come visit me here and see what I have in store for you :)

The irony of today's post is that I've been thinking about it all week, waiting excitedly for Friday to arrive so I could post my idea. Of course neither Miss M or JB would take a nap today so I here I sit at 8:30 pm writing my post that I usually do around 1:30 in the afternoon, darn those two!

So here is my idea for this week, and it's not my own, it's just fun and yummy and it goes with Easter. Have you heard of resurrection cookies? This is a great activity to do with your kids tomorrow night before Easter. You can have some fun baking together, you can read scripture surrounding the story of Christ's death and then in the morning you can celebrate his resurrection with a yummy treat! I know, I know, who gives thier kids cookies for breakfast? Well, I figure if you're giving them a basket full of junk, what's one little cookie? Pack up the extras with a little note of explanation and send them to Sunday School to give out to the others in your child's class.

Check out for directions.

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  1. I've done the cookies before, and also the rolls. I'm doing the rolls this year. Either one is such a great way to teach the kids about Easter. :)