Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts about work

Well, two days down, eternity to go :) That makes it sound bad, I really had a great two days in the office. I love the people God has me working with and I love talking about Children's Ministry all day! I have to say I'm a bit of a pansy...I came home Tuesday night and was EXHAUSTED!!! I've been chasing two kids around for years now, how is sitting at a desk and going to meetings all day more tiring? Oh well!

A few random thoughts about being back in the workforce:

+I wish life was like the webinar I "attended" yesterday. The guy teaching the class could mute us and only accept questions and comments when he deemed appropriate...LOVE. IT.

+I packed my lunch for all my years of teaching. For the last few years packing a lunch meant...cheese stick, yogurt drink, pb&j, cut up fruit, sippy cup. I got a few strange looks on Tuesday when I unpacked my ladybug lunchbox and whipped out what looked to others like "lunch for JB". Gotta work on that!!

+The church office is CRAZY busy...they are working their tails off in there. Go easy on them!

+The joy that comes from listening to my own music/radio stations in the car on the way to and from is satisfying!!

+I miss my kids, have terrible mommy guilt and feel like I have to use my moments with them even more preciously! To those of you that work full-time, and always have, I don't know how you do it!

Today we are doing a lot of nothing and I can't wait! We aren't doing preschool because of some sick kids. There is a huge box in my bedroom that Prince Charming brought home from work so the kids could play in it. I think we'll transform that box into something cool and just have a great time being together!

Oh, and I think I need to start packing a bottle of sprinkles in my lunch for those moments when I miss home :)

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  1. Glad it's going so well, Janet, and it sounds like a 'good' tired! I always have respect for moms who work full time. I think they just never sleep or something.
    This reminds me that we need to pick a coffee date. The question is, during the day with kids, or at night with no kids? ;)