Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun

Prince Charming brought a giant box home from work the other day. He had the idea we would make it into a pirate ship. I was behind him 100%! Yesterday when I dragged it out the kids wanted it to be a playhouse. So, I changed gears and here is the result:

Here is the back of the house, with curtains :)

Sorry for the sideways view here, I couldn't figure out how to flip it. Anywhoo...we made a nice front door that they can walk in and out of. We have since added marker and crayon artwork to all sides of the structure. They seem to like to stand in it to watch a show and to pretend it's where they cook the food when we play restuarant. Hey, whatever makes them happy!!!

We also started some Valentine fun. Last year I tried to adopt a really awesome tradition that some family friends do. It involves a Valentine train, making each other cards and presents, and then a big unveiling on Valentine's Day. My kids are really just a little young for it, so I think we're going to try that again in a year or two. For now we talked a little about who first loved us, Jesus! Then we made a little garland of hearts and wrote down all the people we love on them.

Next week we have to make some actual Valenine's for our preschool coop friends. Looking forward to the kids having their first ever Valentine's party with friends!!