Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Hunger Game

No, this is not a post about my favorite book trilogy (but have you read it yet, it's fabulous). This is a post about the current game going on in my house. It goes something like this: I make a meal they like (breakfast, lunch or dinner), they refuse to eat it, they are hungry in between meals. I don't care for this game, the only comfort I have is that I know some of you have the same game being played in your home, and if it's not being played today than it probably was last week or will be next week...

Usually when my kids play this game it's for dinnertime, this week it's all meals. I'm so fed up with it that tonight I didn't want to make dinner. I get a little tired of making the effort only for the food to be complained about and untouched. So I ran to the Farmer's Market in Newtown, picked up a chicken potpie and popped it in the oven. At least Prince Charming and I are going to eat something yummy!

Lo and behold (what in the world does that mean??), anyway, lo and behold they both gobbled up the chicken potpie like it was an episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Amish Food".

So what do you think it was, here's a couple of options for those of you who prefer multiple choice:
1. The Hunger Game took it's toll, they were starved, and they would have eaten dog food if I had placed it in front of them.
2. They actually like chicken potpie.
3. They knew I really like chicken potpie and they didn't want me to be happy, so they ate most of it.
4. God answered my prayer, they ate.

Now, if you're a person that grew up going to Sunday School I know you're going to pick number four. Isn't the answer always Jesus, Bible, God??? Although I am sure God had something to do with it, I personally believe he always does, I think some of the other options are also viable.


  1. my vote is 5: They hit that stage that we hit all the time--the one of getting tired of eating the same thing and revolted. J is currently doing this to me, and I'm going to punch him in the face if he keeps it up.
    or it could be Jesus;)

  2. I'm going with 3. Its a conspiracy!

  3. I also vote #3. It never fails that when I make something I'm really looking forward to, everyone else eats most it. We mothers are a selfless bunch! Maybe if they don't eat their meal at meal time, leave it out and they can eat it cold/soggy/mushy whenever they are hungry. That way, you don't have to make anything new later.