Sunday, August 14, 2011

...well, I haven't died yet...

I'm 40 now, have been for a number of hours, although if you ask my mom it's only been about 50 minutes since I was born right after 10 pm. If you ask my siblings I've been 40 for a month now, I was a month overdue (like they would let that happen in this day and age) and my sibs made my mom a good-bye dinner, spaghetti, every night for weeks...

It was a very nice day, Prince Charming got up with the kids, who wanted to be in bed with me, so we all snuggled and watched cartoons together. I got breakfast in bed, yummy, and then Miss M informed me "you're stinky, I love you, I just don't love the smell of you". And Happy Birthday to me! Just for the record, I had bathed the day before and had really done nothing to work up as horrid an odor as Miss M accused me of...I think she's just sensitive :)

Off to church we went, only stayed for one service since I forgot to "duck" when I walked by JB's class. He saw me and there was no turning off we went to Kohl's where I got to pick out some new clothes than lunch at Red Robin. Dee-lish!!

Home for naps, off to Mom's for dinner and a fab dessert made by my sister Sue...torte with fruit and chocolate whipped cream...I don't know how many points that was, but I don't really care!! I lost 3.8 lbs. last week going back on Weight Watchers, pretty sure I gained them back today. Oh's 11:02, I'm 40, I'm alive...onward I go...

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  1. you are more than alive - you are livin' life!!
    love you and all 40 of your years!!!