Tuesday, August 2, 2011

14 years

Today I've been married to Prince Charming for 14 years! We dated for about 2 years prior to the wedding so we've been together for 16 years. Before that we knew each other from church and school for about 8 years, so we've known each other for about 24 years (go ahead ask me...yes, I was 2 when I met him).

I'm not a big fan of the statement "I married my best friend"...although in my younger years I probably said such things. Now I just think it's stating the obvious, so why say it. I mean, really? I'm hoping we all married our best friends, but I never call him that. When I think of my best friends I think of Debbo, Trish the Dish, and Doodle, you know, my girl friends. But of course, Prince Charming is on the list, who marries someone they aren't friends with? Maybe I'm naive, maybe people don't marry their best friend and that's why everyone is getting divorced...anyway...

Here are a few high/lowlights of the last 14 years, in no particular order:
1. Chartering a plane on our honeymoon.
2. Driving to NC for a job interview, being offered the position, apartment hunting, all in about 36 hours, only to turn the job down.
3. Working together in the youth ministry we grew up in.
4. Moving to NJ to minister at Windsor Chapel.
5. Moving 4 times in 5 years.
6. Living in a free farm house for a year.
7. Adventures in Boston, Cape May, NYC, the Outer Banks, Niagara Falls, Gettysburg, the Dominican Republic, Lansing MI, Williamsburg, and the Jersey Shore!
8. Job interviews in NC, IN, NY, NJ, MD.
9. Saying good-bye to Prince Charming's Dad, my Nana and my nephew.
10. The struggle of infertility.
11. The joy of our first pregnancy and Miss M.
12. The surprise and joy of our second pregnancy and JB.
13. Buying our first home, almost losing it and working our tails off to keep it!
14. Joining a church that we love, where it feels like family!
15. Prince Charming has had 9 different jobs...sometimes more than one at a time!
16. The year of the newspaper!
17. Knowing that we are committed to each other, no matter what, forever...amen!

We celebrated with a simple day, doing what we love. Having dinner together as a family then going outside to play! We'll go out for dinner just the two of us tomorrow, but the real celebration is that God brought us together, has kept us together and isn't finished with us yet!!


  1. I love that we got married the same year, so cool. I need an explanation on #16 please!? Thanks for sharing your list, what a nice summary of building a life together. And I married my best friend too, but never call him that either.;)

  2. My scott was never my best friend. We actually hated each other;)
    Yes, this is a great, mushy post. Congrats on 14 years. You guys definately don't live a boring life!